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Operational Stressors for Non Profits During COVID-19

What are some of the significant Operational Stressors facing non profit Leaders during COVID-19? From our experience here at Pure Momentum Consulting, LLC here’s what we’re seeing:

1) Supporting Staff who are working remotely:

  • Technology & Ergonomics

  • Family/ Work/ Life balance

  • Burn Out

2) Pivoting internal program/ service designs and workflows to provide virtual support to vulnerable populations:

  • Ensuring the clients have access to technology and know-how to use it

  • Maintaining client/ participant engagement, and program outcomes, in the virtual environment

3) Offsetting funding delays and decreases:

  • County/ State or other funding budget delays or reallocations

  • Decreasing donor engagement in some sectors/ service types

4) Knowledge of, access to, and the capacity to apply for COVID-19 funding specific to nonprofits

How can non profit Leaders, Board Members and Allies mitigate the risks associated with these operational stressors?

1) Ensure that your organization has an Emergency Disaster Preparedness Plan in place. This should include protocols for potential agency exposure to COVID-19, for both employees, and program clients/ participants. If exposure does happen, institute Debriefing Groups, and mental health supports immediately, for both staff and clients/ participants. Emergency Planning Guide for Non Profits

2) Offer mental health support to staff, through workplace EAPs, insurance, or virtual resources such as 7 Cups, Talk Space, etc. Make it a point to check in with staff regarding their emotional and workload capacity regularly.

3) Ensure that staff have the proper technology and ergonomic equipment at their homes to do their jobs well. Sponsor or fundraise to offer stipends/reimbursements to purchase necessary items.

4) Institute a comprehensive Return to Work plan, in the event that staff and clients/ participants will be returning to the office.

5) Reimagine your Program/ Service design, delivery, programmatic expenses, and outcomes, in light of COVID-19.

As always, we are here to help!! 😊

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