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FREE Consultation for leaders and agencies who don't know where to start. When you're looking for a roadmap on what to do next to enhance your agency and impact.



Together, we will focus in on strategic priorities and direction, develop leadership teams capacity for problem solving, dive into problem identification, and create a roadmap on how to move forward.


This FREE consultation offers an open forum to discuss org strengths, challenges, and opportunities. This service is not a sales call!


Schedule your call today to start moving your organization in the right direction!

Readyto explore change?

The Road To Philanthropy

The accomplished Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans does more than assist relationships and businesses to the next level. She joins Gary S. Cohn of Painted Rock Advisors to cover her tools and resources designed to improve the livelihoods non-profits.

Philanthropy Podcast Feature for PMC website.png

"...The insight and experience of Dr. Hughes-Evans and her colleagues helped to identify and remove roadblocks that we were too close to see and cleared pathways to success.


Engaging the high-quality services at Pure Momentum Consulting has been one of the best decisions PEERS has made as an organization..."

Julian Plumadore,

Peers Envisioning & Engaging in Recovery Services

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