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When you're seeking increased job satisfaction and organizational performance.

Tired of stagnant employee and organizational performance, loss of money, loss of time, dealing with staffing issues and putting out org crises, or increased employee turnover?


It's time to invest in yourself and gain the individualized tools and strategies necessary to lead your nonprofit.  

Through this service, you will experience increased employee retention, engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction along with decreased conflict and organizational mistrust, leading to a more harmonious work environment.


Our Approach

Our Executive Coaching is driven by the following:


ASSESSMENT: Building rapport with nonprofit leader and others as needed (staff team, Board members, community members, etc). This may include 1-1 mtgs, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and documentation review.


ACHIEVEMENT: Using Executive Coaching supports and interventions such as the GROW model of coaching,
coupled with Dr. Lydia’s 15+ years of direct experience both working in and consulting for nonprofit agencies, nonprofit leaders collaboratively create action plans to address personal and/ or organizational areas of need.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The impact of coaching is consistently assessed and measured through nonprofit leader and team feedback, action plan KPIs, and pre/post Executive Coaching Questionnaires.


This is your space, your time, and your strategic focus. 


Only you know what's top of mind for yourself and your agency at this time.  Once we've identified your Executive Coaching goals, we will immediately dive into strategy and implementation towards those goals, along with bringing all of our knowledge and experience to bear on the subject. 


We hold nothing back, as we walk alongside you on your journey to nonprofit leadership mastery!

PRICING: $2,400+ for 8 sessions. (Payment plans available)

A must-have Resource for Executive Leaders!


Organizational Poverty:

The Organizational Poverty Series was created as a result of Dr. Lydia's first-hand experience and proprietary research as an Employee, Board Member, and Consultant, in multiple nonprofit settings. 


She found that many agencies, though mission-driven and well-intentioned, suffered from a chronic lack of: resources; satisfied staff and volunteers; and proven systems for sustainable service delivery. 

"Dr. Lydia's thought partnership has been great to have as our organization has experienced significant organizational changes, including transitioning from fiscal sponsorship to an independent nonprofit organization.


Her tools will allow our team and organization to strengthen its infrastructure and enhance our cohesion so that, ultimately, we are moving closer to fulfilling our vision for empowered communities and wellness-centered communities."

Sheryl Lane, FIERCE Advocates

Image by Georgia de Lotz
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