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When you're seeking increased job satisfaction and organizational performance.

Tired of stagnant employee and organizational performance, loss of money, loss of time, dealing with staffing issues and putting out org crises, or increased employee turnover?


It's time to invest in yourself and gain the individualized tools and strategies necessary to lead your nonprofit.  

Through this service, you will experience increased employee retention, engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction along with decreased conflict and organizational mistrust, leading to a more harmonious work environment.



This is your space, your time, and your strategic focus. 


Only you know what's top of mind for yourself and your agency at this time.  Once we've identified your Executive Coaching goals, we will immediately dive into strategy and implementation towards those goals, along with bringing all of our knowledge and experience to bear on the subject. 


We hold nothing back, as we walk alongside you on your journey to nonprofit leadership mastery!

PRICING: $1,200+ for 8 sessions. (Payment plans available)

Image by Leone Venter

"...I can't believe that 6 months flew by that fast. Thank you for the informative Presentations on all of the different Topics that have been a "game-changer" to our business.


We can't thank you enough for the research and recommendations that you gave us to have a healthier and balanced life!..."

Marco Rodriguez , Genesis 

Image by Georgia de Lotz
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