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An Ode To Collaboration (Poem)

Imagine a world where services were aplenty,

Where all clients were helped, and temples weren’t empty.

Imagine a world where poverty ran scared,

Because non- profit and faith-based and legislative leaders dared

To embrace the notion of seamless collaboration,

With the understanding that we are all one Nation.

Tell me… What would be the extent of the impact

Of working and building together, when in fact,

It is impossible for any single entity, though well-positioned,

To thoroughly, successfully and completely fulfill their mission,

While isolated and alone, in the throws of competition!

Step away from the desk; take a moment and walk outside.

Take a good look around you, at the abundance that collaboration provides.

See that church on the corner, and that other agency down the block?

See the possibilities in your community, and the lives for which you’ve fought?

There are non- profits in the schools and non- profits in the park.

There are non- profits everywhere, each seeking to make their mark

On communities in desperate need of understanding and care:

American citizens who have experienced extensive wear and tear.

Don’t let RFPs, differing visions, and objectives get in the way

Of making change stick, if we were just to say,

“Hello. How are you today?

My agency is just down the street, if I can help in any way.

Feel free to come by. Meet my staff and say hi.

Because together, you and I can develop, grow and fly.”

This world of ours would be greatly changed for the better.

Heavy weights, when borne together, will feel light as a feather.

My vision, your vision, our vision for humanity

When intertwined, highlights exactly how powerful we can be,

As collaboration propels us toward complete, sustainable victory.

California Dreaming,

Dr Lydia

No matter what your Vision is for your non profit, we can help make it a sustainable reality!

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