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Board Engagement: Part 1

I wanted to take some time to focus on how to best support the engagement, mental health, and performance of our generous Board Members, who help tremendously and selflessly in carrying out our mission, vision, and impact.

The industry conversation around how to build, maintain, and engage a Board is ongoing and exhaustive, so I’m going to try my best here to focus on what I’ve found to be most Salient in my 15+ years of working within and supporting nonprofit agencies. Also, you KNOW how I am about practical application and integration, so get ready to grab a few nuggets along the way!

Essentially, what I’ve found in my experience is that Board Engagement lies at the crux of 3 interconnected, non static concepts:

So we will be focusing our attention on how to structure and support these three aspects of Board Engagement over the course of this series.

But before we jump into that, let's take a more global step back:

Why did our Board Members initially choose, and continue to choose our organization, as a platform to fulfill their personal, professional, and civic commitments to our community?

There are a PLETHORA of agencies out there doing good, so Why Us??

If you haven’t done so recently, I recommend taking the time to pose this most basic question to your Board. While some responses may be obvious, I guarantee that some will surprise you! AND, take notes on what you hear, because you’ll be able to incorporate this information as we continue throughout this Board Engagement series!!

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