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Board Engagement: Part 3

Today brings us to part 3 of our Board Engagement Series, and the focus is Motivation!

Now if you’ve read any of my blogs ever, you’ll see that I spend a lot of time talking about Motivation, because it’s really low lying fruit for nonprofit leaders, when it comes to maximizing engagement within your organization.

Motivation simply put is our Reason & level of Desire for moving towards our Goals.

But don’t forget what I mentioned in Part 1- Motivation isn’t a static concept! Our levels of motivation are constantly changing, and are impacted by both internal and external forces

To truly promote Board Engagement, we must consistently strengthen the Intrinsic Motivation of our Board members. Intrinsic Motivation is our inner Reason & Desire to achieve our goals, as opposed to Extrinsic Motivation which shifts and changes based on the expectations and resources of other people and life’s circumstances happening around us.

And just how do you strengthen Intrinsic Motivation you ask?? In 3 ways:

Relationships- facilitating a sense of belonging and connectedness with yourself and others

Autonomy- allowing Board Members the physical and psychological space to function

Competence- ensuring Board Members have the necessary tools, strategies, resources, and training to serve

So today let’s think about the following:

How can I further develop Relationships, Autonomy, and a sense of Competence within my Board?

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