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Board Engagement: Part 5

We’re here at the end of our Board Engagement Series!!

Let’s recap what we’ve covered so far:

You’ve taken the time to allow your Board Members to share WHY they continue to choose your agency as a platform for their Board Service


You’ve taken the time to explore the interconnectedness of Systems & Structures, Motivation, and Personal Capacity, as they relate to promoting sustainable Board Engagement!

That’s a lot!! And get excited, because we’re going to wrap it all up nicely in a bow right now!

I’m a huge proponent of checking in with Board Members formally every 6 months, and informally as needed, to truly promote Board Engagement.

Here’s a tool that you can craft to guide your bi- annual conversations, which I’m calling a Meaningful Engagement Plan. During your discussions, you’ll highlight the following domains, as they relate to Board Service for each Board Member:

Organizational needs, roles & board service goals

Personal board service goals

Fundraising roles and goals (personal and organizational)

Personal capacity estimate and commitment

Options for board service based upon personal capacity needs

Resources, support and training needs

And that’s IT! If we create Meaningful Engagement Plans that are custom tailored for each of our Board Members individual needs, and are still aligned with organizational strategic goals, and we adjust these plans as personal capacity needs shift, we’re guaranteed to foster sustainable Board Engagement!

I’d love to hear from you as to how you’re implementing these strategies and others within your Board, to cultivate Board Engagement! And if you need support, we're here for you :)

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