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Thank Goodness for Grants!!

Today, I’m going to share with you my top 7 no cost/ low cost sources for locating grant opportunities for your agency: Home | GRANTS.GOV

Grant Watch Grants for Nonprofits - GrantWatch

Instrumentl Grants for Nonprofits | Instrumentl

Foundation Directory Online Find Grantmakers & Nonprofit Funders | Foundation Directory Online (

Grant Station | GrantStation

Grant Gopher Available Grants for Non Profits, Schools and Government Municipalities - Grant Gopher

And with the advent of the Pandemic, the Small Business Majority created Venturize, in which small business and nonprofits can access state and federal COVID 19 financial support: Venturize |

Hopefully I’ve shared 1 or 2 new grant searching sources with you, as you continue to meet the needs of your community!

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