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Shaking Hands

Revive +

When the strategies that used to work are no longer effective. This package helps your organization alleviate organizational stagnation, being in a constant state of crises, and vacillating between fiscal Feast and Famine.


achieve Your agency's vision and mission by
maximizing current staff and resources


We begin with our Org Well Check to gain a 360 degree understanding of your organization. We then review the organization chart and workflow design, assess the employee culture, and identify bottlenecks.

We also evaluate and coach the interpersonal health of the key players in the system to ensure that all of the barriers to success are minimized.


Lastly, we provide support with program development, evaluation, and service outcomes, to ensure that your consumers receive the best possible experience, service delivery, and impact.

PRICING: $6,000+ and up for 20+ hours of billable work.

Payment Plans are available. 

"...[Dr. Lydia's] ability to discern gaps & needs and quickly implement solutions has been a gift to me and the organization.


We see her as an extended part of the team and looking forward to tapping into her wisdom/expertise in future projects."

Vanetta Johnson, Beyond Emancipation

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