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Bloom's Taxonomy: Why It Matters to Your Agency

If you know me personally, you know that in addition to being passionate about systems and people, I’m also trained and certified as a Teacher (K-8), I've served as a Professor in university settings, and I tend to look at EVERYTHING through the lens of education, for better or for worse! LOL!!

In our nonprofit agencies, we’re all in agreement that our Staff are our greatest asset and resource. Without the dedicated talents, time, and sacrifices of our Teams, nothing else moves forward.

Here, I’m making the fundamental Case for Prioritizing and Budgeting for consistent Staff Training & Development, and here is why-

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is an educational framework, and it also works beautifully in the workplace!

This diagram actually reads from the bottom up. Employers of all sorts, nonprofits included, sometimes despair about the ability to get and retain “good employees”.

In a sense, part of the frustration that they’re experiencing can be translated as this:

“We need people in our organization who can do more than just Remember and Understand our vision, mission, policies, operational directives, and job descriptions. We need people who are able to take that knowledge, and Apply it to solve real- time challenges that they may face in their jobs. Ideally, we would have employees who are ultimately able to translate their knowledge, skill sets, and resources into Evaluating, Analyzing, and Creating services and programs that drive our agency, mission, and impact forward”.

And this, my Friends, is primarily accomplished by ensuring that our Staff are as trained and resourced as possible.

If we can help you in this regard, we would be more than happy to do so! Just give us a ring!

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